• To God and thank you, professor Kuen !

    The most prolific author of French-speaking Evangelical Protestantism left us to join the heavenly homeland on April 6, 2018 at the age of 97.

    This is not to summarize the life course of Alfred Kuen, in this regard, a site powered by his daughter Nelly Sinclair-Kuen, already exists here. I would therefore content myself with pointing out six salient aspects of his life in order to express my gratitude for his example and to salute the legacy he has left us by his numerous works.

    1. A prolific author

    When one thinks of Mr. Kuen, one thinks first of all of the tireless writer, author of about 90 books, that represents more than 400,000 books published in various languages. Two dominant ones have marked his life : the Bible and Church life.

    He was, indeed, a collector of different versions of the Bible. This is how he came up with the idea, by putting the texts in common, to give birth to the Living Word version. He is also the initiator of the Bible in the version of Sower and notes of the Bible study.

    The concrete questions related to Church life, which are confirmed by his experiences on the ground, led him to write extensively on this theme. Witness his first book, "Let all be one," or "I will build my church."

    2. A hard worker and versatile

    It is in the family, in Alsace, that he learned the taste of work. He will not miss any time later to get books and study. In parallel with his involvement in the local assembly, he first teaches literature in a college, then he becomes a music teacher in a high school, and finally, he is a master trainer at the École Normale de Strasbourg. His involvement in the local church, as well as the writing of his books, take all his free time. In 1947, he married Mimosa who lived by his side and supported him for 43 years, until his death in 1990. This is an opportunity to recall that his ministry would not have been possible without the support of his wife.

    3. A man of peace in the service of the local Church

    After the Second World War, in Strasbourg, he participated in the creation of the Church of Good News, with a group of student friends from the Ecole Normale. He plays an important role as an elder, preacher and teacher for 26 years. He also intervenes as a mediator in delicate situations. His irenic nature predisposes him. His commitment to the service of the Church will be extended by the many books he has written on this subject.

    4. An autodidact

    In 1944, he can finally follow a Bible training at the Emmaus Biblical Institute in Vennes sur Lausanne which will last only 4 months and a half, but this experience is founding for the rest of his career. He will never stop studying. In 2011, the Faculty of Evangelical Theology (FLTE) of Vaux-sur-Seine awarded him an honorary doctorate.

    5. A man with three retreats !

    While Mr Kuen reaches retirement age as a teacher, René Pache, director of the Emmaus Institute, invites him to join the teachers' corps. He will teach there for 10 years. He took a second retreat as director of Emmaus editions, then moved on to a third retreat devoted entirely to writing.

    6. An enthusiastic model

    He will often be tested, notably by an accident, by the dangers during the war, by the death of his son Daniel in 1977 and by the sudden death of his wife in 1990. But still they will persevere, he will tirelessly pursue his race with enthusiasm! He certainly drew the secret of his enthusiasm from his favorite verse : "You have everything fully in Christ" Col. 2.10.

    « À Dieu et merci, professeur Kuen !La foi et la persévérance »
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